eVoy Technologies And How Transportation Has Evolved

eVoy Technologies And How Transportation Has Evolved

eVoy Technologies is based out of Venice Beach, California. It is right next to Silicon Beach, where technology and innovation are constantly in motion. You can depend on eVoy to be constantly moving and innovating, especially when it comes to hands-free, personal scooters.

Have you seen individuals motoring around your city or town riding on hands-free segways? When you first glance at them, they appear to be a really fun way for having a great time and getting around. When you take a second look, you realize how handy those hands-free segways can be.

Instead of walking to work, ride one of these scooters for a quicker commute. Use your eVoy to get through crowded city streets to run quick errands without having to spend one single dime on gas. Zip through a local park or your neighborhood and see everything you could see when walking, without putting any strain on your feet from all that walking.

If you’ve ever injured or hurt your arm, then you know what a pain it can be having to wait for it to heal so that you can return to work, particularly if you drive or ride a bike to get to your job. Never miss out on a paycheck. If you happen to live near where you work, just ride your eVoy there. In most cases you won’t put any additional strain on yourself. You really can’t afford to be without a hands-free segway if you attend college. It’s the most efficient and fun of getting around campus.

eVoy Technologies hands free scooters are the best brand. The parts are very durable, so the scooter that you invest in is sure to last a long time. You won’t end up buying it, and then trying it out for just a day before it breaks in two like has occurred with some of the more inferior models out there. When you stop and think about it, that is very dangerous. Whenever you are riding an eVoy, you will be able to ride with confidence, knowing you will be able to step off and on it without feeling like you are going to lose your balance.

These scooters are very well made. Thy are solid machines that come with a rubberized and safe mat for placing your feet on. With a price of under $1,000, it is one of the better investments you could make with this new and very sensible mode of transportation. Whenever you don’t need to use your scooter, it’s small enough that it can fit inside a closet or under a bed.

One charge will allow you to go for around 15 miles. It can go up to 8 MPH. It’s much more efficient compared to walking, and it’s an environmentally friendly way to get around town. Getting flat tires is also something you won’t need to worry about. These scooters come with 8-inch diameter tires and can hold a little over 250 pounds. These scooters work the best when the inside or outside temperature is from 50 to 90 degrees F.

eVoy Smart Technology’s own self-balancing system comes with every hands-free segway. That makes it very easy and convenient for even more individuals to ride on them. The Samsung LG lithium battery that is included will offer the longest ride with the shortest charge. It only takes one to two hours to charge it completely and easily.

It comes with a waterproof exterior, so you can ride your scooter outdoors even in less than ideal weather. The X5 is one of the latest models. That one has been designed for cruising outdoors and is able to handle all different types of terrain, including grass, gravel and even cracks or bumps. However, be careful with curbs. When riding on any of the eVoy scooter models, you may want to void curbs.

The X5 features tires that are even larger than regular eVoys. It comes with 10-inch inflatable tires that will get you any place you’d like to go more smoothly and faster. When you select the X5, there really are no limits.

The A1 is perfect for beginners. There are two speed modes for you to choose from: professional and beginner. After you’ve learned to ride one, you’ll be able to improve your performance. Pretty soon you’ll be a professional hands-free scooter driver. For people who like listening to music, they should choose the eVoy M7. It comes with Bluetooth speakers built-in. You will be able to play all of your favorite music wirelessly via your smartphone. These hands-free personal segways are available in various colors, including white, red and black.

How much fun can you have with your eVoy scooter? Discover this for yourself by getting ones of these scooters today. All eVoy models come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, which gives you the confidence that you will be getting a high high quality self-balanced scooter. Be sure to check them out on Vine, Twitter or Facebook for giveaways and special deals.

Evoy’s social media accounts feature plenty of riding tricks and tips for you. They are also available on YouTube. All it takes is a couple of minutes for you to learn a new trick or tip. As soon as your new eVoy arrives, you can start practicing on it. You can order your scooter directly from eVoy. They also can be purchased on eBay or Amazon.

Check out all of the products that are offered by eVoy in order to find the best one for you. They have self-balancing, motorized smart-drift, electronic and two-wheel scooters available, along with driftboards, hoverboards, skateboards and much more. All of their products are suited for children in addition to adults.

Check out all of the different hands-free segways that are offered and select the best one for you. You may not want to wait to order one. Or, perhaps you do. After all, new models do come out on a regular basis. You could of course order a second one if your older one gets jealous of the latest model.

If you’d like to join in with all of the other riders who have become hooked on these intuitive, smart and simple machines, you may want to begin selling them yourself and share your experiences with others. The eVoy affiliate referral program makes this very easy to do. You can learn more at the eVoy website and also join the program there. To keep up with all of the special offers and latest news, be sure to follow eVoy on all of the major social platforms.

Phunkeeduck Scooters: A Genuine And Thorough Product Review

Phunkeeduck Scooters: A Genuine And Thorough Product Review

Self-balancing scooters are rapidly becoming a hot item on the market. These scooters can be seen on the news and websites, and they have caught they eye of people of all ages. Even famous entertainers and comedians are joking about these scooters and using them to make fun videos of themselves using them. Check out social media sites and you will see lots of well-known people riding these devices. Phunkeeduck is one brand of self-balancing scooters; how does it compare to other brands on the market? Check out this very thorough review to learn about this brand of self-balancing scooter and what it’s like to enjoy it.

self balancing scooter mini segway handlessIt can be a little awkward when you first try balancing on the Phunkeeduck; this is a common effect that most users report experiencing. If you are new to using self-balancing scooters, it’s totally normal to feel unstable while standing on one. You may experience some strain as you learn how to balance on it, but riding the scooter gets easier every time you use it. In no time at all, you can be riding around town in style. It just takes practice. This scooter is an excellent and fun alternative to walking around.

The battery life on the Phunkeeduck scooter is excellent. It lasts a good amount of time, and it does not take much time to recharge it – you can hit the streets again very quickly. In most cases, a charge lasts around seven hours. This eliminates the hassle that stems from repeatedly charging a scooter at inconvenient times. You will not run out of battery quickly unless you use the scooter constantly throughout the entire day. The long charge that Phunkeeduck offers is very beneficial, as it provides you with lengthy amounts of fun.

Another great aspect of self-balancing scooters is that they are widely known across the world. Additionally, they are very loved by the general public. Many people thought these devices were weird at first, but now people love them and accept them as a unique, fun part of modern society. There are various brands of self-balancing scooters on the market, but Phunkeeduck certainly gives you value and fun. This is mostly because the scooter is known for being very durable. It’s not going to break down on you suddenly, so you can ride it for a long time while getting your money’s worth from it.

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